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Remembering  Brian Reed

Group of people, mostly in uniform, standing by a memorial wreath on a sunny day with buildings and a street in the background.
Photo from Brian Reed memorial event on April 10, 2024 at Station 2.

      Brian Reed, an esteemed alumnus of Bayshore High School, embarked on a journey post-graduation that took him to unexpected places. Contrary to the romantic allure of Paris, his first destination was Parris Island, South Carolina, where he enlisted in the Marines and braved their grueling version of Boot Camp. The crucible of shared hardship and rigorous training forged Brian and his fellow Marines into resilient individuals, instilling in him a steadfast "can-do" attitude that became intrinsic to his character.

Firefighter/EMT Brian Reed
Firefighter/EMT Brian Reed

      Upon completing his service with honor, Brian transitioned into the civilian realm, showcasing his ingenuity as an electrician—a modern-day MacGyver, earning him the affectionate nickname at the station. In 1989, Briancommenced his volunteer journey with the Anna Maria Fire Department, a path that would intertwine with his life's purpose. By 1995, he had become a full-time firefighter, infusing the station with his trademark mischief and camaraderie, endearing himself to his colleagues. Brian's unwavering dedication extended beyond his duties, exemplified by his selfless willingness to work holidays, ensuring his comrades could cherish moments with their families.

      In 1988, Brian met Pam, with whom he shared a profound bond centered around their love for the Fire Service. Their union on October 7th, 1989, at WMFR Station 1 (now Station 3) marked the beginning of a life filled with love and commitment. Together, they welcomed their daughters, Elizabeth in 1990 and Donna in 1997, witnessing Brian's unwavering devotion as both a father and a "helpful" husband, always ready to lend a hand.

      Brian Reed's altruism extended far beyond the confines of firefighting. In addition to his selfless service within the department, Brian left an indelible mark of compassion and generosity by donating 13 gallons of blood. This extraordinary commitment to saving lives exemplifies the depth of his character and the profound impact he had on those fortunate enough to cross his path. Brian's legacy of selflessness serves as a shining example for us all, inspiring acts of kindness and empathy in our community.

      Brian's legacy reverberates throughout our community, a testament to his pride, honor, and unwavering dedication. His memory resides not only in the hearts of his family but also in the countless lives he touched. Whether etched in the halls of WMFR Station 2, the State Fallen Firefighter Monument, or the National Fire Academies Fallen Firefighter Monument, Brian's spirit remains immortalized. As we reflect on his life, let us honor his legacy through our commitment to serving the community and supporting his cherished family.